01 Best Recipes Development

Recipes are one of the most important assets of the catering industry. We develop and develop more food for the industry. We launch molecular food project planning services.

You only need to decide what you want and pay for the research and development. We will borrow professional production equipment for free, and guarantee to develop the best low-temperature slow-cooking recipe for you within 6 months. We will also teach your chef the most appropriate cooking program for developing food.

We will tailor the appropriate cooking equipment for you (additional price will be charged), and you will be able to make the most delicious food in the future.

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02 Turnkey Service

After you have got our elaborate recipes, do you think it is not convenient enough to cook on your own? Or want to save manpower and equipment expenses? You can also place an order with us in the future and we will deliver it to you on the specified date.

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