01 Gourmet Food Solutions

Professional chefs will benefit from the multitude of restaurant-quality options available to meet the demands of their food service kitchen’s operations.

02 Sous Vide Production

Our diverse products of sous-vide offers different varieties of cooked food, semi - manufactured food, sauce, soup, for professional and home chefs.

03 Premium Catering Service

Our premium catering service is focused on providing high-quality service for outdoor event, press conference , product launching and promotions in Hong Kong - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

04 High Quality Food Processing

We are providing high quality food processing services : marinated, cutting, vacuum packing and shipping all kinds of chilling or frozen products.

05 One Stop Solutions

We offer a range of high quality, one-stop solutions for food purchasing, production, processing, packaging, cold storage and cold chain logistics.

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Central Kitchen One - One-Stop High Quality Gourmet Food Solutions